Greetings from the desk of Ms. Butta herself!

Welcome! My name is “Butta!” This site/blog was created to share my life’s journey with you! I didn’t want to air my thoughts on the other social media sites because I want it to feel exclusive. Hopefully, you can read the stories while you’re waiting in line, at the gas station, bus stops, waiting for your table at a restaurant, or just chillin’ at home!

Now! Why “Melted Press?!?”Well, “Butta” is a name I was giving on the dance scene I’m a part of. I wanted my perspective to be heard (read) as I take this journey through spirituality, dance, singlehood, adulthood, and just life!! I was a little apprehensive about being transparent but I wasn’t reading/watching anything that shared my values and opinions so I decided to create something! (Not that they aren’t out there but…) So for this blog, I hope to encourage, inspire, shed light, entertain, or simply be the voice to the readers.

I know many people say, “I’m different. There’s no one that thinks like me!” That statement rings in my mind frequently, so I wanted to see how “different” I really am! Much of this blog’s purpose is for me to have an outlet of some sort, vent, heal, and most important encourage myself! I want to hear from you rather you agree or disagree.

So “Like”, “Share”, “Comment;” I’m hoping you enjoy reading my “JEMs”

“Everything’s better with “Butta” in it!”