What was this dream really about?!

The dream takes place at a two story bar. The stage is really elevated. From the main door, you walk into an open floor. I never saw chairs and tables. I assume they were under what appeared to be a balcony. I saw darkness so I’m not sure.

I’m in another city (outside of Atlanta) and Tall Rick is teaching a class. For some reason, people are standing in a corner of this stage waiting for the class to start. Initially, I start chatting with the attendees, seeming to be the “youngin” as usual. I see Drew “Walkin'” (the dance style) the floor alone. I walked over to him and start talking. He stops me and says “uh uh, Tall Rick wants us to feel the music. So I try and mimic Drew but I had a wardrobe malfunction with my jeans lol. I walk off the stage to fix my pants. When I go to return someone approaches Tall Rick with a money transaction so he goes to figure that out. He writes a check out (I’ll omit the amount) and goes to the offices located through and hallway on the right of the stage and I’ve realized I’ve lost my chance for this one on one he was giving Drew. It seemed anyone was free to jump in but they were over to the side as if they were waiting for permission or for class to officially start. I couldn’t remember the music Drew was dancing to but when I woke up [this song: Song: Emotions “Don’t Ask my Neighbor”] was in my head.

I had to write this dream down before going back to sleep. I didn’t want to omit details. As I’m typing on my iPhone, there’s so much I get from this dream. So much insight was revealed. I’ll let you infer…

Details leading up to the dream…

1. Before going to sleep, I saw Drew posting info about his new Dallas classes.

2. The SugaBabies and I were talking, Sunday, about how we missed Tall Rick’s birthday event this past weekend. 

3. I’ve taken a class, on a stage, with Tall Rick, before 

This was dreamed on November 22nd 2:29am.

Signing out,


“Everything is better with Butta in it.”



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