Ode to Single Fathers

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I’m usually watching from afar but I wanted to show respect to something that isn’t talked about often.

S I N G L E – F A T H E R S: There’s a special place in my heart for men who recognize the importance of raising them children, with or without a traditional family unit. I can tell these men strive to excel in the roles of fatherhood.

So often we hear about the men who don’t “step up” or take the easy way out but for the last year or so, I’ve witnessed the most incredible display of love and affection. Not that there aren’t many other fathers that flood my timeline – and trust it does not go unnoticed  – but these 4 gentlemen have all stuck a cord with me one way or another.

I choose to highlight these 4 Kings who have different amazing stories yet have the same foundation of the love for their children. Although sometimes it seems as though parenting is hard to maintain, they don’t allow stumbling blocks to interfere with spending quality time and raising their children. I have yet interviewed these men one on one, but I’m quite sure their stories, in depth, are compelling and inspirational. Just from the posts on social media outlets I have seen, these 4 men go above and beyond to highlight their love for their children.

My prayer is that God continue to show them favor and elevate them to be the role models that their children will need them to be. As far as I’m concerned, they are doing the hard work already so it will be my honor to witness their individual journeys. #Salute

Let’s meet the Dads:

Dwayne and son Phoenix



William and daughter Zoe’


Pierre and daughter Kharlie



Shaun Ballentine and daughters Kristin, Kashara, and Miah


“Everything’s better with Butta in it!”



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